U.S. Presidential Elections 2020 I Podcast #38

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U.S. Presidential Elections 2020 امریکی صدارتی انتخابات

Expert: Ahmed Rana

Ahmed Rana When it comes to taxes, is a BALTIMORE tax man with over 600 clients. When it’s come to buying or selling he helps his clients to make the right decision for home or commercial property, specialize in investment property along taking them right lender for the lower interest rate for a mortgage. Also, he serves humanity via food for the homeless on cold snow night when everyone sleeps but he is there for them. Whenever the community needs him, he is always there for fundraising for nonprofit, finding jobs, finding shelter, and involves a politician as a community leader. Last, not least he also has a passion for cricket so he promote cricket in the USA where is no market buy his passion is there. Hosting, commentary, and gala dinner for cricketers in the USA.

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