President Biden – Pakistan and the Region | Podcast #59

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Peer Syed Mudassir Nazar Shah with Jeffrey Hill on “President Biden – Pakistan and the Region”

For 33 years (1986-2019), Jeffrey Hill represented the US Government in 10 different countries across the globe, telling America’s story to the world and positively influencing key host-country audiences via a full array of academic, cultural, artistic, media, and community engagement programs and campaigns. As a U.S. Foreign Service Officer focused on public diplomacy, led U.S. embassy and consulate efforts to share the best of American values, promote U.S. interests, and advocate policies to advance U.S. interests with influential audiences. To these ends, advanced mutual understanding across the world by creating and managing programs ranging from working with student-theater groups to promote the celebration of diversity to writing talking points for visiting U.S. secretaries of state and presidents to overseeing $2 million in grant programs for community engagement and awareness among extremism-prone audiences in Pakistan.

Key US-Mission positions overseas (including language training beforehand):

 Community Engagement Office Director – Islamabad, Pakistan

 Public Affairs Officer – Frankfurt, Germany

 Public Affairs Officer – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

 Deputy Press Officer – Tokyo, Japan

 Cultural Affairs Officer – Rabat, Morocco


U.S. Secretary of State’s Lifetime Achievement Award, following 33 years of federal service Meritorious Honor Awards for outstanding USG VIP public-affairs support (five times)

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