Peer Talks with Nausheen Barkat | Podcast #79

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Peer Talks with Nausheen Barkat

Nausheen Barkat

Meet our inspirational superstar Nausheen Barkat. Mom of three, one angel kid and two living with her. She is the mom of a CMT warrior. Her strength, patience, and struggle are the motivation for everyone. Let's talk about her super inspirational journey. From a homemaker to an entrepreneur now. Nausheen shares about her venture, Honey extraction was mom's passion to provide pure honey to her kids. Her daughter joined her to expand it as a venture and took the Marketing and deliveries responsibility. Today they have proved themselves to be aspiring Entrepreneurs. They are unstoppable now. Reaching new heights. Selected in the startup competition by IBA.

Nausheen’s venture can be reached on Facebook & Instagram

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