Peer Talks with Hashir Ibne Irshad | Podcast #75

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Peer Syed Mudassir Nazar Shah with Hashir Ibne Irshad

Hashir belongs to the select community of globally recognized fund managers with his professional status as a CFA (Chartered Financial analyst) and LIFA (Licensed International Financial Analyst). A gold medalist from IBA, Karachi, he has many other academic distinctions to his credit as well. During a career spanning over two decades, He served in many key positions. After starting his career as a banker with Muslim Commercial Bank, he quickly moved on to become a full-time financial consultant who worked for a number of governments, semi-government and private enterprises. His specialty remained financial reengineering, corporate restructuring, fund management, debt portfolio rescheduling, and feasibility study management. Besides being a professional consultant, he also managed other responsibilities in the corporate sector including his stay with Islamic International Trust as Project Director of their medical facilities and with Greenwich University as a Director. He also served as Director of HIRCON and Chief Coordinator of Foundation Center for Research and Development at Fauji Foundation. At a later stage, He devoted more time to academia and taught advanced level finance courses at prestigious institutes including FAST-NU, NUST, Bahria University, Hamdard University, Islamic International University, Foundation University, and APCOMS. Besides his academic interests, he remained involved with large scale financial and HR capacity building consultancies.

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