Peer Talks with Ambassador Moshe Yegar | Podcast #78

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Former Israeli Ambassador Moshe Yegar explains how he met his Pakistani counterpart in 1992, in Tokyo Japan. during PeerTalks with Ambassador Moshe Yegar

Moshe Yegar, born 30 October 1930, Buenos Aires, is a retired Israeli diplomat and historian of Islam in Southeast Asia; also, he is the author of books and research articles on the history of Zionism during the British Mandate, and about Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its policies and activities. In 1956, Yegar joined Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he served until his retirement in November 1995. Among his posts abroad, he served at the Embassy of Israel in Rangoon, Burma (now known as Yangon, Myanmar); as Consul at Israel’s Consulate General in Los Angeles (1966 – 1969); as Consul General in Philadelphia (1969 – 1972); as Consul General in New-York (1985 – 1988); as Ambassador in Stockholm (1988 – 1990); and as Ambassador in Prague (1994 – 1995). Also, in 1965, Yegar was sent to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which had no diplomatic relations with Israel, to open a semi-diplomatic presence under the cover of a business office. After one year, Yegar was requested to close the office and move out of Malaysia.

In between assignments abroad, Yegar served in the Ministry’s Headquarters in Jerusalem in senior positions: Head of the Information Department (Hasbara, in Hebrew) (1975 – 1978); Deputy Director-General and Head of the Division for Information and Communication (1980 – 1985); Deputy Director-General in charge of Asia, Africa, and Oceania (1990 – 1993). Yegar showed his capabilities as the organizer of large complicated festivities, on two special occasions: (a) While in his service in New-York, Yegar chaired the 40th Anniversary public committee which organized a mammoth celebration attended by thousands; (b) While in Prague, Yegar organized “the Old Testament in the Arts Festival, October 1955”, which included scores of musical, theatrical events, exhibitions, films, and symposia.

Yegar’s role in the normalization of relations between India and Israel

Yegar fulfilled a significant role in the negotiations with the Indian authorities to normalize the diplomatic relations between India and Israel. He described in a long article the process, the discussions, and the breakthrough which culminated in full diplomatic relations between the two countries. The article appeared in India in the Indian Defence Review, an important quarterly Journal in English on foreign policy and national security issues

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