Independence of Pakistan and Pir of Wana | Podcast #20

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Peer Syed Mudassir Nazar Shah with Al-Syed Aaiz uddin Gilani on Independence of Pakistan and Pir of Wana.

The Gaylani (Also referred to as Gilani , Jilani or Kilani) family is among the most respected and well-known houses of the Islamic world as Ahl al-Bayt (Descendants of Rasul Allah ﷺ ) Hailing from that prominent noble House Al-syed Yousaf Mehmood Al-Gaylani (Pir of Wana) is the 17th direct descendent of Sayyadina Sheykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani R.A through his son and spiritual heir Sayyadina Abdul Razzaq Al-gaylani and 29th in lineage to the Holy Prophet Sayyadina Muhammad ﷺ. His great grandfather, the founder of Al-Qadiriyyah Sufi order, Sheykh Al-Jilani is recognized by Islamic scholars and Sufi masters as the most universally acclaimed and celebrated saint, Sufi master, and Islamic scholar. He is the son of Sayyadina Mehmood Faizullah Al-Gaylani, a great religious scholar and Sufi master of tariqa Qadiriyyah, Baghdad Iraq. Pir of Wana was also an expert in economics, Philosophy, and Agriculture. who spent his life preaching the true soul of Islam, the message of love and tolerance. Pir of Wana played a significant role in the Independence movement of Pakistan, and after partition (1947) in the independence movement of Kashmir. He led his tribal followers in Jihad e Kashmir, which was the leading force in Jihad e Kashmir, afterward, he was titled as honorary Lieutenant colonel by the War Committee of Pakistan, and title of “Ghazi e Kashmir” by the Government of AJK. Al-gaylani is fluent in Arabic, Pashto, Urdu, Persian, and Punjabi languages, he is also an expert in Agriculture and sociology. In his teachings, he emphasizes strictly following the teachings of Islam and love for Rasul Allah ﷺ and the Sufi way of being Humble, loving, and tolerant.

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