50:50 STARTUPS (A Big Idea) I Podcast #37

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Peer Syed Mudassir Nazar Shah with Ely Sandler, on ” 50:50 STARTUPS ( A Big Idea).

50:50 Startups is the groundbreaking new tech accelerator for Jewish and Arab co-founders. 50:50 Startups is a U.S non-profit operating in Israel, Palestine, and Boston. We believe that investing in socially-responsible tech companies founded and equally-owned by Jewish and Arab entrepreneurs will build a better future. Our 8-month accelerator creates and grows 50:50 Arab & Jewish tech startups.

Our team comprises Arabs & Jews, Palestinians & Israelis with vast experience and proven investment records, including founders, investors, and academics.

Ely’s background is in finance, and his career started at Morgan Stanley within the global capital market division. He rose to the firm’s senior management, working directly with Morgan Stanley’s international CEO. In 2019, Ely helped launch 50:50 Startups, the ground-breaking tech accelerator for Arab and Jewish co-founders in Israel and Palestine. Ely holds a first-class degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics from the University of Oxford, and was previously a researcher in global governance at Oxford’s Martin School.

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